Timer Instructions


1. Set the time by pressing the hours, minutes and seconds UP and DOWN arrows.
2. Toggle between the continuous alarm and a single report.
3. Press START to begin the countdown timer.


Timer Uses


Use this timer to keep tabs on the time spent on all your activities:
     • Your perfect helper when baking a cake or boiling an egg.
     • Does that little brat need a Time Out?
     • Embrace life and set a limit when talking with Aunt Edna on the phone.
     • Can you play tennis for 10 minutes in the kitchen without breaking a         window?
     • Losing your mind? At least now you can take your medicine at precise         intervals.
     • Perfect for board games and bored gamers.
     • Steep your tea to exacting perfection!
     • No swimming for 30 minutes after lunch, kiddies!
     • Your night-owl roommate kept you up again? Get beeping revenge after         you've made a clean get-away!
     • Need a 20 minute nap on your lunch break?
     • Can you eat a piece of dry bread in 30 seconds?.. don't bet on it.
     • Keep your long-winded boss' meetings to their allotted schedules.
     • Training to be a spy? Can you escape down the laundry chute before the         time bomb detonates?
     • Just how much time does smearing the inside of a whiffle ball with peanut         butter buy you from your overly anxious Labrador?


You’ve heard it before… timing is everything! We believe that easy-to-use stopwatch and timer tools are key ingredients to happiness and productivity. Whether you are attempting to break the world record for the longest burp or just looking to perfect the art of soft boiling ostrich eggs we hope you find this site conveniently useful. Visit our social networks and let us know the creative, fun and useful ways you use the stopwatch!


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