Fun facts from time, space, timers and stopwatches.

.001 seconds: The length of time it takes a fly to beat its wings (60,000 beats a minute!)
.01 seconds: How often lightning strikes earth (6000 strikes a minute)
.01 seconds: This unit of time (1/100th of a second) is also known as a jiffy
.0111 seconds: The length of a single hummingbird wing beat (5400 beats per minute)
.06 seconds: The length of a single hummingbird heartbeat (1000 beats per minute)
1.8 seconds: The time it takes to burn a single calorie while kissing
13 seconds: The longest recorded flight of a chicken
7 minutes: The average time it takes a person to fall asleep
8 minutes: How long it would take us to notice if the sun suddenly turned off (light travels at 186,000 miles per second)
30 minutes: The amount of time your eyes are closed each day due to blinking
2 hours: The amount you’ll go back in time, due to time zones, by flying London to NY on the Concord
16 hours: How long a cat sleeps every day (that’s not lazy…)
18 hours: How long a Koala Bear sleeps every day (getting there…)
25 years: The average amount of sleep a person gets in their life (…now that’s lazy!)
76 years: The time it takes Halley’s Comet to pass by earth (next showing: 2062)
140 million years: Due to immense friction from the tide earth’s rotation is slowing by 1.7 milliseconds each century. This may not seem like much, but it adds up: In dinosaur times a day only lasted about 23 hours but 140 million years from now a day is expected to last 25 hours… don’t forget to update your calendar!

Sound travels 3x faster through water than air and 5x faster through steel than water
A sharks top speed is 44mph (70kmh) while a honeybee’s top speed is 15mph (24kph)

31,577,600 seconds: The number of seconds in a year
Sound travels 1142 feet per second (743mph)
Light travels 186,000 miles per second - so does electricity
Sunlight can reach a depth of 262 feet (80 meters) in the ocean








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