123 Stopwatch Instructions


1. Press the START button to begin the stopwatch.
2. Press the SPLIT button to record a split time or STOP to record the final time.
3. Press RESET to zero out the stopwatch for another recording.


Stopwatch Uses


Use this stopwatch to record how long it takes you to do just about anything:
     • Time your daily walk or run
     • Speed up your chess play!
     • Record your lap times in the pool or on the track.
     • How long can you hold a smile or sing a note?
     • Entertain your cat or toddler with the rapidly moving digits.
     • See if your wristwatch is accurate.
     • The ball game will be over in five minutes, eh?… we’ll see about that!
     • Just how quick is a quickie?
     • How long until that stack of dishes starts growing mold?


Forget about Rock, Paper, Scissors! Whoever stops the time closest to any full second wins:
Off by two tenths or more = Have another shot of espresso!
One to two tenths = Pluck a hair and have another go!
Ten thousandths to one tenth = Crack your knuckles – you’re getting close!
One to nine thousandths = Nice reflexes – now talk some smack!
Perfect = Down the bottle and go buy a lottery ticket!


You’ve heard it before… timing is everything! Here at, we believe that easy-to-use stopwatch and timer tools are key ingredients to happiness and productivity. Whether you are attempting to break the world record for the longest burp or just looking to perfect the art of soft boiling ostrich eggs we hope you find this site conveniently useful. Visit our social networks and let us know the creative, fun and useful ways you use the stopwatch!


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